About Me...

My name is Diane, and I’ve been practising yoga for about 25 years and I’ve been teaching Hatha yoga classes in Kent since 2003.

I was never sporty, fit or flexible when I was younger – I chose not to do PT at school! I began to take an interest in getting fit in my early twenties. Like many people, I tried yoga once a week at a local beginner’s class run by Barnet Adult Education in London, and after two years I progressed to the intermediate class. They were huge classes of around 50 students but I was always right at the front. I was very shy, but I loved music, dancing and the feeling of moving my body in the yoga class and noticed also how this helped increase my confidence.

Both of my teachers were quite old, grey-haired chaps: one was tall and gangly and the other short, stocky and a bit overweight – but they were both incredibly flexible and seemed so calm and relaxed. They both taught Iyengar style of yoga and used to refer to the same book as I use now, ‘Yoga: The Iyengar Way’.

Eventually, I married and continued doing yoga as it helped me feel more assured of myself. Even doing just one session a week strengthened my muscles, and I was delighted when my body quickly returned to fitness after my son was born. I realised what an important part of my life yoga was – and how I felt flat, or tense, or more tired I would feel if I missed a session.

I decided to train for two years with the Victor Foundation, an amazing experience that exposed me to incredibly inspiring teachers Sharyn Buss and Wendy Sanders, and, more recently I have enjoyed and been inspired by classes taught by Stephen Buss, Penny and Katie.  My practice helps me deal with the ups and downs of life today. I continue to keep up to date with reading, and taking lessons and workshops so that my knowledge, teaching and techniques evolve and improve all the time.

I would be delighted to introduce you to this powerful, fulfilling and beneficial practice.