Private Yoga Classes

Treat yourself to an exclusive, one to one Yoga session or semi private lesson, which can be taught in the comfort of your own home if you wish. 
Sessions may be from one hour but I recommend 90 minutes.
During this time you will enjoy quiet time, warm ups and a series of postures/asanas to suit your body and will end with a period of relaxation.

When you book a private session I can create a yoga lesson that will suit your specific needs.  If you have a health problem do please discuss this with me and let us see if you can improve your health with yoga.  It can help sleep, stress, joint pain, strengthen your bones and improve bone density, help you live life with a positive attitude. 

Improve your posture

One of the benefits of yoga is that it can help with back problems. As you work in the posture I will encourage you to focus on alignment.  Each time you performing a pose you will improve your body awareness and your posture.

Restorative yoga

I am a qualified relaxation therapist.  Perhaps you might like a quieter lesson or restorative yoga.  This is suitable if you have a busy lifestyle and need some quiet time, or if you are recovering from an illness. 
I believe yoga is a great way of getting fit, reducing stress and improving general wellbeing. Everyone can do it and feel the benefits. These private sessions combine a focus on your breathing with gentle exercises, followed by a long relaxation and visualisation. This is an effective remedy for stress. 

Yoga for Pregnancy

Just practicing yoga at a class for one day a week for a few years previous to and during my pregnancy, I discovered my muscles had strengthened and my body was able to quickly return to fitness after my son was born.
I have since trained to teach yoga for pregnancy. This is such an amazing time. You see changes happening to your body, but so often, you are still working and rarely take time for yourself. An exclusive one-to-one or semi private* lesson gives you that opportunity to take some time just to focus on yourself and your baby.  *Perhaps, if you have a friend in a similar situation, you may like to do a lesson together. This can be fun and you can share your experiences.
As a mother I understand that this is a very special time that takes a little getting used to. It is an exciting, and sometimes difficult time, as your body changes. Make time to enjoy your body and your baby.

I am fully qualified and insured to teach yoga for pregnancy and a series of yoga sessions may be just what you need whether you have practised yoga before or not. The exercises and relaxation will gently bring awareness to your body, improve your muscle tone and improve your posture.

The gentle stretching and movement will help with the discomfort of back ache, open up the pelvic area and help prepare you for the birth.

Learn to control your breath for instant calm, relaxation and long term benefits.

Most importantly enjoy this time to connect to the new life growing inside you.  Private yoga lessons will give you some time to focus on yourself and your baby.

If you would like to know more about any yoga session please phone me on
01233 850711